Restore Your Shower’s Brilliance In Three Steps

Gatsby Glass Crystal Shield System Kit

Formulated to restore glass to its original beauty and keep it in excellent condition, this complete kit eliminates hard water stains and soap scum, prevents build-up and maintains a streak-free, brilliant shine.

Removes hard-water stains and grime build-up.

Our Crystal Shield System
Three Step Process Includes:

STEP 1: Clean

Renew your shower door with Platinum Coat and buff away impurities with the yellow Eliminator Pad, manufactured specifically to remove hard water stains and soap scum that have built up over time on your glass shower enclosure.

STEP 2: Seal

Protect your shower door with Crystal Seal and the blue sponge applicator pad. This unique co-polymer formulation creates a durable, long-lasting protective coating and restores shower doors to their factory finish.

STEP 3: Maintain

Preserve the clarity of your shower door with the Ultra Gentle Wash and black microfiber cloth. Used for maintenance and care, this residue-free and anti-static cleaner is formulated to prevent dust and dirt build-up, so surfaces stay clean up to three times longer.