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Zach Spicer is the owner and operator of Gatsby Glass in Denver. But let’s be honest, you’re visiting this site because you want some gorgeous glass installed in your home, not because you want to get to know Zach. His life isn’t all that interesting, but his product sure is – elegant glass doors, partitions, and mirror work. He is excited to bring Denver homes and businesses beautifully installed glass with a customer experience that’s second to none.Anyway, this is a bio page…so here’s some background about Zach. He’s a graduate of Colorado State University and a 30-year resident of Denver. He has experience in both commercial and residential construction and has worked for two of the top commercial construction firms in the U.S., where he held a leadership role in the management of some notable construction projects across the country. He consistently delivers projects with the highest quality and safety. Are you still reading? Short story: Zach is a top-tier construction professional. Have you seen the Gatsby Glass products? Because that is what attracted Zach and caused him to launch Gatsby Glass in Denver. They can create custom glass solutions, including walls and enclosures to add beauty and function to a home or business.

Away from work Zach loves the community and his family. With his wife and two sons, Zach enjoys all that the area has to offer – snowboarding, mountain biking, and golf. If he can find time, he remodels houses, too. But do you honestly care about his hobbies? You more interested in if he can get your re-modeling project done on time, right? Read the second paragraph again. Zach delivers projects on time with the highest quality. He’s ready to deliver beautiful glass projects to homes and businesses in Denver.
You can stop reading and contact Zach and his team today to start making your project dreams and goals a reality.

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We take pride in being active corporate members of our community. We aim to support local community events, charities, and more in the hopes that we make our neighborhoods a little safer, our future a little brighter, and provide our friends and family with an abundance of opportunities for communal growth. Do you want to get Gatsby Glass involved in your local charity drive or community gathering? Be sure to fill out our contact form!

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