John Chi - Owner

John was always a misfit growing up… not quite Chinese or French Canadian or American or a jock or a nerd.  He played 4 years of high school football and track & field but was also in marching/concert band and AP classes.  After a summer internship in Austin, TX, John decided that Texas would be his home because he couldn’t get enough of that delicious Texas BBQ and the amazing food scene here.  John is an accomplished professional and business leader holding both an MBA and an electrical engineering degree. Coming from a family of engineers, he has always been driven to excel.  That’s why he made the awful decision to be on Pluckers’ Wall of Flame in his younger years.  John has been blessed with two kids and two paternity leaves.  Seems like he comes up with a business idea every paternity leave while taking showers in a beautiful bathroom.  So naturally, owning a glass company and becoming the second franchisee of Gatsby Glass made sense to the man who worked 10 years designing computer chips and working in cybersecurity.  John can not only replace your glass shower doors but also fix your computer and teach you about cryptocurrency.  He is now developing his local team of experts to provide top of the line products and exceptional service for the Plano, TX market and make a positive impact in his community.


"Resentment and cynicism suffocate the human spirit. Choose optimism, and fight for the best possible future you can imagine."

Lex Fridman

We Love Our Community!

We take pride in being active corporate members of our community. We aim to support local community events, charities, and more in the hopes that we make our neighborhoods a little safer, our future a little brighter, and provide our friends and family with an abundance of opportunities for communal growth. Do you want to get Gatsby Glass involved in your local charity drive or community gathering? Be sure to fill out our contact form!