TJ Goode - General Manager

Originally hailing from Michigan, TJ Goode has deep-seated roots in this community, cherishing the state’s natural allure, from its verdant parks to the majestic Great Lakes. His interests are wide-ranging, taking in everything from wildlife and local happenings to automobiles and boating. In his professional journey, he’s made a mark as the youngest instructor for a dealership, even earning recognition with the Longest Burnout Award.
TJ’s personal life mirrors the diversity of his interests. He has spent several years caring for specially-abled animals, eventually adopting two endearing cats, Norman and Snow, and two affectionate dogs, Duece and Oakley. A passionate boater, TJ finds Michigan’s inland lakes a perfect spot to congregate with loved ones, soaking in the state’s beauty. His interest in building cars for events has not only helped him forge new friendships but also echoed the friendly nature of Michigan’s community.
Always the optimist, TJ is a firm believer in the power of positivity and nurturing, as encapsulated in Ron Goode’s inspiring words, “You can’t grow a garden without singing to the flowers.”
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