Best Cafes in Omaha, Nebraska

If you’re ever in Omaha, Nebraska, you absolutely have to try the many top-notch cafes that this diverse city has to offer. It has everything from cozy neighborhood haunts perfect for taking your laptop and diving into that last-minute paper or project to more upscale joints featuring unique flavor combinations and inspiring environments. Whether it’s grabbing an early morning cup of coffee or grabbing a bite with friends at one of the area’s trendiest local hotspots – these are some of the best places where locals go for their daily caffeine fix!

Urban Abbey

Urban Abbey in Omaha, Nebraska, is a multi-purpose venue where you can grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the various activities they offer. The cafe is open all day, offering great breakfast options like omelets, smoothies, and yogurt parfaits in the morning and salads, sandwiches, burgers, and fries throughout the day. The place also has a bookstore for you to pick up a book or magazine, and weekly church services are held here.

Astute Coffee Downtown

Astute Coffee Downtown is another well-known cafe in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska. The cafe offers a variety of coffee drinks, pastries, and other light snacks. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, with large windows looking out over the city skyline and comfortable seating for customers to enjoy their beverages. Astute Coffee Downtown also has free Wi-Fi available for anyone who wants to use it. With its convenient downtown location, Astute Coffee Downtown is the perfect spot to get your caffeine fix during a busy day.

Howlin’ Hounds Coffee.

Howlin’ Hounds Coffee in Omaha, Nebraska, is a popular cafe offering specialty coffee drinks made from ethically-sourced beans. They feature several lines of coffee, including their own “Ruff Roast” blend. They also have a variety of teas and other hot and cold drinks. On top of that, they offer freshly baked pastries, sandwiches, breakfast items, and more. In addition to the traditional coffee shop atmosphere, Howlin’ Hounds offers a relaxing, comfortable vibe.

Archetype Coffee Little Bohemia

Archetype Coffee Little Bohemia is another excellent spot for getting delicious coffee in Omaha, Nebraska. The cafe is located in Little Bohemia, an eclectic neighborhood with a unique atmosphere of its own. The shop has been serving the best coffee and espresso drinks since it opened. At Archetype Coffee Little Bohemia, you can expect to find some delicious specialty drinks that have earned rave reviews from locals. The place offers everything from classic espresso shots to matcha lattes and iced teas.

13th Street Coffee and Tea

13th Street Coffee and Tea in Omaha, Nebraska, is a great place to visit if you love coffee. They offer a variety of specialty coffees, teas, and espresso drinks. Their baristas are highly trained in the art of making coffee, so customers can expect some delicious beverages. Not only do they have amazing coffee, but they also serve breakfast, lunch, and pastries. In addition, there is rotating art on the walls, so you can always see something new.

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