Joseph Trimmer - General Manager

As a proud Texan who has spent his entire life in the state, Joseph Trimmer holds a deep appreciation for San Antonio, a city known for its incredible history, breathtaking beauty, and warm-hearted residents. The city’s vibrant Fiesta festivities and delightful culinary scene also have a special place in his heart.
His passion for exploration has taken him to 12 different countries, broadening Joseph’s perspective and fueling his love for travel. He finds immense satisfaction in building businesses and crafting valuable solutions to various challenges. His dedication was recognized when he was named POOLCORP’s Employee of the Year amongst 5,000 employees.
He has had the exciting opportunity to initiate businesses for esteemed firms like Amazon, Lime, and POOLCORP in international cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Cancun, as well as domestically in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Joseph’s favorite quote is “Safety first,” which is reflected in how carefully he approaches his business.

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