Top Museums and Galleries to Visit in Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska has a surprisingly vibrant and art-filled culture that can be seen in its plethora of incredible museums and galleries. Whether you’re looking to explore Omaha’s rich heritage or take time out to appreciate the amazing works of art spanning centuries, this historic city is sure to awe and inspire any visitor. From interactive exhibits featuring hands-on experiences to unique collections full of historical artifacts and contemporary artwork, here are our top picks for the best museums and galleries in Omaha.

The Durham Museum

Located in an art deco train station from 1931, the Durham Museum is an expansive cultural and educational center that offers visitors a journey back in time. With its collection of artifacts and exhibits, this museum takes guests on a tour of Omaha’s past, chronicling the city’s evolution through interactive displays and handcrafted replicas.

Gallery 1516

Gallery 1516 in Omaha, Nebraska is a contemporary art space that celebrates the intersection of art, culture, and design. With its unique lineup of exhibitions and cultural events, this gallery showcases artwork from local and international artists while helping to foster meaningful dialogue between creators and viewers.

Passageway Gallery

Located in the Old Market in Omaha, Nebraska, the Passageway Gallery is a community-focused art space that supports local creatives. This cozy gallery features an array of artwork from emerging talent while also offering classes and workshops for visitors interested in learning more about the creative process.

Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts

For those looking to explore the world of contemporary art, the Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts is essential. This non-profit exhibition space serves as a platform for creatives to showcase their artwork and engage with the Omaha community in meaningful discourse. From open panel discussions to multimedia installations, this gallery offers a comprehensive look at what’s new in the world of art, as well as live/work residency programs, and lectures.

Hot Shops Art Center

The Hot Shops Art Center is the ideal place for any art enthusiast. This center offers creative studios and galleries, each featuring unique artwork from local and international artists. Additionally, the facility holds several public events throughout the year, including classes, workshops, lectures, and more.

Hillmer Art Gallery

Located on the campus of the College of Saint Mary in Omaha, Nebraska, the Hillmer Art Gallery is an art space dedicated to showcasing the works of female artists. With its ever-changing exhibitions that delve into issues of gender, identity, and race, this gallery strives to promote a better understanding of female perspectives in today’s contemporary art landscape.

The Florence Depot Museum

This rail museum in Omaha, Nebraska is an excellent place to explore a piece of local history. The Florence Depot Museum offers visitors a look into the city’s past, with its collection of interactive exhibits and artifacts that trace Omaha’s railroad heritage from its beginnings to today.

General Crook House Museum

One home to a Civil War hero General Crook, this house museum in Omaha, Nebraska offers guests a glimpse into the life of one of the city’s most distinguished figures. Through its exhibits and interactive displays, visitors can learn about General Crook as well as explore his home’s unique architecture and design.

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