Top-Rated Gyms in Denver, Colorado

Living an active lifestyle is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health, especially in a city like Denver. With its vibrant outdoor culture and a plethora of fitness activities to choose from, it’s no wonder why this bustling city is home to some of the top-rated gyms in the country. Whether you’re looking for your first gym experience or if you’re an avid gym goer looking to try something new – it’s easy to find one that fits your needs. Today, we want to take a closer look at just what makes these facilities stand out from the rest.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness in Denver, Colorado, is one of the most popular and largest gyms in the area. The spacious facility offers a variety of exercise equipment, from treadmills to weight machines, as well as group fitness classes like yoga and Zumba. This gym also features a sauna and steam room for post-workout recovery, plus plenty of amenities like tanning beds and hydro massage chairs. What’s more, Planet Fitness is the only gym in Denver that offers 24-hour access, too.

The FIIT Co.

The FIIT Co. is another popular option in Denver, Colorado. The gym offers a wide variety of fitness classes and equipment, including cardio machines, strength training machines, a basketball court, and various group fitness classes. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly; everyone from beginners to experienced athletes is welcome and can find something that fits their needs. The FIIT Co. also has an extensive nutrition program that helps members meet their health goals and stay motivated.

Club Form Denver

Club Form Denver is a local favorite gym in the heart of downtown Denver. Located right off I-25, this gym is a convenient spot for both locals and visitors alike. With its modern equipment and friendly staff, Club Form Denver strives to provide an enjoyable workout experience for all. The gym’s layout is divided into two main sections; each area offers something different to cater to individual needs.

720 Athletics (CrossFit 720)

720 Athletics (CrossFit 720) in Denver, Colorado, offers a variety of CrossFit classes and specialized CrossFit training. With coaches who have years of experience in the fitness industry, you can trust that your workouts will be challenging and rewarding. The facility offers a variety of equipment, including weights, barbells, racks, ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls, pull-up bars, and more. Whether you’re looking to get into shape, stay motivated, or take your fitness to the next level, 720 Athletics can help.

Fitness in the City

Fitness in the City is a popular gym and fitness studio located in the heart of downtown. It offers a range of classes and activities to suit all levels of fitness, from beginner yoga to high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The gym also features a full-service café serving healthy meals and snacks, as well as state-of-the-art equipment for both weightlifting and cardio workouts. Fitness in the City is committed to providing a welcoming and supportive atmosphere that encourages all members to reach their fitness goals.

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