Top Theaters in Boise, Idaho

If you’re in the mood to get out of the house and enjoy a movie, Boise, Idaho is an excellent city to explore. With its abundance of theaters, both large and small, there’s always something new playing in town. From first-run multiplexes to independent arthouse cinemas, today we’ll discuss some of the top spots in Boise for catching films. Whether it’s an old classic or a bold new release you want to see, these theaters will provide great entertainment with plenty of options for seating. From shuttles so that you don’t need to drive around town trying to find parking for big showings, all the way through discounts for buying tickets early – it shouldn’t be hard choosing a theater to visit in Boise.

Regal Edwards Boise

Regal Edwards Boise is located in the heart of Boise, just off Overland Road. With multiple auditoriums and hundreds of seats, this theater offers one of the biggest selections in town. In to showing first-run films, they also have a Classic Movies series that allows you to enjoy some of your old favorites on the big screen. Ticket prices are affordable, and students can get even greater discounts. For those who don’t have time to drive around town looking for parking, there’s also a shuttle service that runs from the mall to the theater on weekends.

Overland Park Cinemas

Overland Park Cinemas is a small independent theater located in southwest Boise, Idaho. Known for its great concessions and cozy auditoriums, this theater focuses on showing a wide variety of films. From classic features to more obscure art-house movies, Overland Park has something new playing almost every week. They also offer discounted tickets for students and seniors, making it an ideal place to catch a movie on the cheap.

BoDo Cinema

BoDo Cinema is another independent theater, located in the heart of downtown Boise. With just two auditoriums and a few dozen seats, this theater specializes in showing more unique films such as foreign-language movies. For those looking for something off the beaten path, BoDo Cinema has something to offer.

Northgate Reel Theatre

This traditional movie theatre located in Northgate Shopping Center in Boise, Idaho has been a local favorite for decades. With its iconic red and gold marquee, Northgate Reel Theatre is known for showing classic films as well as new releases. They also offer classic concession snacks and old-timey popcorn machines to make your movie experience even more enjoyable.

The Flicks: Rick’s Cafe Americain

The Flicks is a small independent movie theater located on Fulton Street in Boise, Idaho. It offers a unique atmosphere with its old-world charm and vintage art Deco design. This theater specializes in showing foreign-language films as well as classic movies from all eras. They also show indie films and brand-new releases, making it an ideal spot to catch a movie.

The Egyptian Theatre

Located in the heart of downtown Boise, The Egyptian Theatre has been a beloved local landmark since its opening. It offers an amazing mix of classic films and new releases, and an Egyptian-inspired, luxurious interior. This theater also hosts special events such as live performances and movie screenings.

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